New Age Selling with Yana the Chatbot!

As messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype are becoming more popular, the businesses today are changing the way of their interactions with customers. One of the growing trends for the businesses is to use these messaging apps as Chatbots, and they are being considered as the next wave in digital communication. UK-based Juniper Research estimates that Chatbots will help businesses save more than $8 billion per year by 2022.

Traditional CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) products are portal and mobile app-based, which interact with users via a user interface (UI). These portals and mobile apps require users to install, sign-up and update, leading to overheads in onboarding new users. Yagna has a new shiny way of serving these users - with its Artificial Intelligence backed Yana Chatbot!

How it Works

Yana Chatbot is basically a “Conversational Agent’’, or Virtual Assistant which works exactly the way any human works at any helpdesk or the way Yagna’s CPQ engine works on the portal. Customers chat with Yana Chatbot just like they chat with any human. Yana is artificial intelligence backed and can respond with adequate suggestions on CPQ topics like searching products, getting a quote and finding product information, without human intervention.


Yana Chatbot leverages chat mediums from various social messaging platforms like Facebook and Slack to receive and respond to messages. If you want to build a quote with Yana, all you need is either a Slack or Facebook Messenger account and you can get quotes and other CPQ functionalities just by messaging.


Note: This product is currently in Beta version.

Benefits of Yana

  • Comprehensive CPQ functionality on Chatbot. Search for products, get product information and quote on Slack or FB messenger.
  • Make renewal easy with Yana Chatbot. Find a contract for renewal or a renewal quote quickly through instant messaging on Yana.
  • Accessible anytime. Easy communication and quick quotes help you save time to respond to your customers.
  • No learning curve, hence ideal for non-technical staff. You chat with Yana like you chat with anyone else.

Close Deals Faster with Yana

You are on a sales call, struggling to hit the target, and you want that deal to be closed as soon as possible. You also got to have all the answers on the fly to win this deal. To quote your customer, mostly you have to dig out the required product information (in Excel sheets or emails) as per customer’s requirement.


With Yana chatbot, sending instant messages and getting a reply, hardly takes a few seconds. Whenever any user has an inquiry, the chatbot can answer it accurately, and take that conversation a step further by initiating a proactive conversation based on the customer’s history.


Learning more about the customer’s requirement with this quick communication will ultimately speed up the sales process and will also nurture your relationship with the customer.


So, are you ready to get a faster quote with Yana?

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