Renewal Cloud, Multi-vendor Renewal Aggregation, Recurring revenue Automation

Imagine your customers receiving their renewal notifications and quotes promptly and consistently every time without you having to dedicate significant time and resources. Envision yourself having the ability to send various versions of quotes with opportunities for upselling in a ‘proactive’ and digitzed renewal process while boosting your margins!


Yagna Renewal Cloud is a multi-vendor Recurring Revenue Automation Platform. It digitizes your renewal processes and proactively renews your subscriptions and service contracts. You can also manage multiple vendors and distributors renewals all from a single, unified dashboard.


As a reseller, you collaborate with multiple vendors and distributors for renewals. Vendors and incumbent distributors share renewal quotes and Install Base data (IB) with you through their respective portals. Unfortunately, this creates a problem of ‘1000 portals’, where each vendor/distributor has a separate renewal portal to access their data, making it impossible for you to send proactive quotes to the end customers.


Also, you must undertake several manual tasks on these quotes such as applying margins, converting to local currencies, and addressing tax and terms and conditions (T&C) before sending the renewal quotes to your customers.


This manual and reactive renewal quoting process may take hours of labour and days or weeks to deliver, leading to delays and errors. It also adversely affects your margins in an already low-margin business.

Yagna Solution

Yagna Solution: Renewal Cloud

Yagna Renewal Cloud makes your renewal processes proactive and zero-touch across multiple vendors and ditributors. Yagna adapts to all renewals through a multi-vendor, multi-distributor channel ecosystem by connecting to the vendor’s existing renewal APIs or ingesting the Quotes/notification data feed via CSV or even automated emails. Once ingested, the platform automatically applies changes such as margins, currency conversion and taxation to generate automatic quotes for your end customers. You can then review the quotes and send them to customers with a payment link. Alternatively, the platform automates renewals by building customized journeys and templates for upcoming renewals, thus freeing up the renewal teams to focus on high-priority customers. In addition, it sends automated notifications, reminders, quotes, upsells and payment options to the resellers.


  • Notifications, Reminders to customers for renewals
  • Zero-touch Automatic Quotes for customers
  • Automated ‘Request For Quote’ from a range of Vendors and Distis
  • Pricing Optimization based on past Renewals
  • Proactive Quotes with Payment links
  • Automatic updates to CRM systems
  • Flexible Renewal Journeys (Workflows)
  • Upsell the Services and Subscription
  • Email tracking and Analytics
  • Cross-sell Products
  • AI/ML-based Churn Analytics
  • Support for local languages
  • Support for Payments
  • Dashboards for 360-degree business view

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  • Boost your margin by investing less on renewal closures
  • Save at least 125 hrs. for every 100 contracts/subscriptions
  • Increase on-time renewal rate by 20-25%
  • Increase Low $$$ contracts conversion rate by 10-15%
  • Transform your workforce’s focus from laborious renewal follow-ups to efficient deal closure
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