Yagna iQ rated 4.6 out of 5 for its
World class Configuration Price
Quote Platform.

“Yagna iQ has added significant value to our deal registration and quoting process, saving us and our customers time and adding value to our role as a distributor.”We have been…”

Alana Hoponoa

Manager-Team Lead

“Yagna iQ are always innovating and hyper responsive to the needs of the client. The feedback on their customer service I get from my participating Distributors is always complimentary…”

Howard Porter

Head Distribution APJ

“Simple to use, Integrated with CCW, reduces pre-sales cycle, predictive and helps partners/customer to give approximate AP’s so that customers can put in-front…”

Stojan Savic

Solutions Architect

“Yagna Renewal Cloud has ushered in a new era of Cisco renewals for us. The ‘Get Quote using Serial Number’ and ‘Journey Builder’ features have illuminated our path to automation…”

Kartik Airsang


“Yagna Renewal Cloud has completely transformed the way we handle our renewals. Since implementing Yagna Renewal Cloud, our experience has been nothing short of remarkable…”

Vipeen Rawat


“Yagna Renewal platform has been a game-changer in automating our Cisco renewal process. The ‘Journey Builder feature has streamlined partner notifications, ensuring that our partners are…”

Imran Syed


“Yagna Renewal Cloud has revolutionized the way we handle Cisco renewals on a quarterly basis. The platform’s automation capabilities have taken what used to be a labor-intensive process…”

Latha Rajesh


“Yagna Renewal Cloud has reinvented the way we notify our customers about upcoming Cisco Renewals. The ‘Journey Builder’ feature has turned our renewal communication into…”

Ganesh Sakhare


“Yagna Renewal Cloud has silenced the chaos of manual renewals. With the ‘Journey Builder’ we are now able to notify the partners about their upcoming Cisco renewals well ahead of the quarter…”

Alok Sharma


“Yagna Renewal Cloud has elevated our partnership game to perfection. Thanks to the ‘Journey Builder,’ our partner notifications for Cisco renewals have evolved from routine to remarkable. We…”

Kepal Shah


“It is the primary for presales heatmaps. We utilize other tools for paid post sales engagements. It is very good to have if a client requires more detail before contracting an engagement…”

David James

Collaboration Solution Architect

“Yagna Renewal Cloud is our partner engagement revolution. Through the ‘Journey Builder,’ we’ve automated Cisco renewal partner notifications, saving time and resources. The email…”

Shalini Rathi

Premium Partner

“Yagna Renewal Cloud is more than a platform; it’s our partner insights portal. With the ‘Journey Builder,’ we effortlessly initiate Cisco renewal partner notifications ahead of each quarter…”

Prajakti Pradhan

Premium Partner

“Since most of us are always on the go, we work using mobile devices. So whenever there’s a need to register an opportunity quickly, we use Yagna iQ mobile app. It is very easy to use. You can…”

Christopher Revilla

Technology Lead

“With Yagna iQ, it simplified the process of deal registration and increased the chance of winning the projects. Some of the benefits of using this app are…”

Santy Pader

Technical Consultant

“We love the tool. It makes AP placement planning so simple for the sales team, allowing our Sales Engineers to just give a final “okay” on the plans. It’s simple to use and makes sure…”

Jeremy Porter


“I have been using Yagna Renewal Cloud for managing our renewals ahead of every quarter, and I am thoroughly impressed with its capabilities. The platform has automated the…”

Binal Modh


“Yagna iQ’s Wi-Fi Planner helps us to improve our Ruckus Networks deployment in our projects. To be a cloud solution import tool we have saved a lot of time and energy modeling…”

Isaac Vargas

Business Development Manager

“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad, I decided to work with you. It’s really great, how easy your websites are to update…”

Suchit Suvarna

Head Pre-Sales

“Thanks to Yagna iQ’s guided selling platform, I can now register and track all my registered opportunities using a single mobile based application, anytime and from…”

Anurodh Tak

Category Business Manager

“Yagna iQ Offers a powerful suite for Distributors. I have been using Yagna iQ Guided Selling for long now, and I have to say that it has transformed the way we do business. It’s our…”

Sameer Pandita

Dy. Manager – Sales (North & East)

“We Rahi Systems, are vendor agnostic system integrators & have tie-up with 100+ OEMs. We are always on our toes when our sales team get us any project to work upon. Earlier it used…”

Viraj Bhujbal

Lead Presales

“Yagna iQ has given as a powerful tool to us (Distributors) and added significant value in making quotation and Deal Registration. It has reduced the excel workload and duplication of work…”

Vijay Joshi

Business Development Manager

“It’s our new go to RF Wi-Fi Planner tool, straight forward to use. Customers appreciate the ability to see a predictive model of their site. This tool has assisted us in securing the projects…”

Tony Buckholz

Infrastructure Consultant

“Yagna Renewal Cloud has been a game-changer for our business. Its simple and user-friendly interface made the transition to automated renewal management seamless. However, what…”

Sowmya K


“Yagna Renewal Platform has revolutionized the way we manage renewals. As a partner, I am thrilled with the level of automation it brings to our processes. The platform’s ability…”

Gajendra K
Gajendra K