Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could transform your vendor integrations and eliminate the resource-heavy and time-consuming 1:1 integrations while achieving the same goals of flexibility, customization and interoperability?


Yagna’s Channel Ecosystem Platform securely shares transactional data between Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, and even the end customers. It accelerates digitization by seamlessly integrating your present renewal, CPQ and lead management system with the vendors’ integration systems. With Yagna’s API-ready platform, you can easily streamline your renewal, CPQ and lead management processes with the resellers and automate them, saving time and increasing efficiency.


As a distributor, you work with multiple vendors, and must integrate your renewal, CPQ, lead, and other systems with vendors’ systems for digitization. However, specific API integration requirements require you to work with each vendor individually, potentially increasing onboarding time and costs.


Furthermore, as you work with multiple vendors, you must repeat the integration process with each vendor separately. These 1:1 integrations create a “1000 integrations” problem for you, where you have to integrate uniquely with each vendor, leading to increased complexity and potential costs.

Yagna Solution

Yagna’s API-ready platform addresses this challenge by offering you one set of APIs for renewals, CPQ and lead management across all your vendors. Yagna delivers a unified and open API implementation that integrates with your current systems only once, establishing an integration hub within the Yagna cloud. This hub, on the other end, connects to different set of APIs from different vendor systems negating the need for you to create individual 1:1 connections with these vendors.


  • Simple and Open APIs for Renewals
  • Simple and Open APIs for Lead Management
  • Simple and Open APIs for CPQ (Configure Price Quotes)
  • Well-documented Open API specs
  • Sandbox environment for API testing
  • Partner API Integration hub



MS Dynamics


Open Exchange








  • Invest Once, Reap Multiple Benefits
  • Faster ROI realization
  • Faster and digitized onboarding of resellers
  • Reduced API Integration time
  • Improve ease of doing business
  • Improves data accuracy and consistency

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