Who Are We?

Yagna iQ was founded by Ram Rai and Manish Agrawal, both of whom were formerly Cisco employees. Prior to Cisco, Ram Rai was a co-founder of IPCell Technologies where Manish was one of the founding engineers. IPCell was a pioneer in patented VoIP soft-switch technology and invented one of the world’s first soft-switches. IPCell was later acquired by Cisco Systems. Yagna iQ is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has been in business for 10+ years. Yagna iQ serves thousands of sales reps and businesses across the globe in 150+ countries.

How We’ve Changed the Sales Industry

Yagna iQ is an installed base driven revenue acceleration platform. Yagna iQ utilises multi-vendor historical sales transactions data, namely Installed Base Data (IB) and churns new Cross-sell / Upsell opportunities with the help of its analytics and machine learning capabilities. Once the new IB driven opportunities are identified, you can use our world class Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Platform to generate quotes and proposals, take care of contract management, and drive closure with a single click payments mechanism. Yagna iQ also automates renewals, especially maintenance contract renewal, using its “Zero Touch” renewal automation system. Altogether, this has simplified the sales process, ensuring that no contract gets left behind!

Our Glorious Achievements


Total Quote Value Processed

1.4 M

Total # of Quotes Processed


Total # of Users



Our Products

Why Yagna iQ?


Increase in sales due to Cross-sell / Upsell leads.


Increase in on-time renewal rate.


Increase in Quoting efficiency and team Productivity.


Reduction in errors in Quotes due to human error.


Reduction in quote revisions.


Reduction in excessive discounting.
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