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As a distributor, there is nothing more frustrating than running a great marketing campaign only to end up with a large number of leads that need to be acted upon promptly. Imagine having a platform where you can create an automated journey to distribute those leads to the right resellers anywhere in your channel, with visibility to their progression and instant feedback from the recipient.


Yagna XSUS (Cross-sell/Upsell) Cloud is a lead management and generation platform designed to increase lead-to-revenue rates for multi-tiered channels. It digitizes your lead management process and proactively provides end-to-end visibility of the leads sent to the resellers partners for effective tracking and closures.


As a distributor, you send leads to resellers partners via Excel spreadsheets, email, or phone calls. However, this approach can be inefficient and ineffective because there is no way to track or monitor the leads once they leave your hands. Unfortunately, channels can act like “black holes” for your leads, which means they can easily get lost in resellers’ processes without any visibility or control from your end. This can lead to missed opportunities to convert potential customers into sales, resulting in a significant impact on your top line and no real way to measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign which generated the leads.

Yagna Solution

XSUS cloud, a part of Yagna’s Channel Ecosystem Platform, empowers you to manage your leads in the channel.


Yagna adapts to all leads generated via your marketing campaigns or received from vendors by connecting to your existing APIs or ingesting the lead data feed via CSV. The platform automatically creates customized journeys to route leads to the reseller partners for further qualification. These leads are routed to resellers who match your criteria, and all leads are tracked end to end, updated as they progress through the channel.


  • End-to-end visibility on leads sent to Channel
  • Flexible Lead Journeys (Workflows)
  • Notifications, Reminders for sent Leads
  • Integrate with CRM for single pane view of leads
  • One-click Reseller Onboarding
  • Access leads on portal and mobile
  • Track Reseller Activity on Leads
  • AI/ML-based Lead Generation
  • Dashboards for 360-degree business view
  • Proactive Quotes with Payment links
  • Support for local languages (Internationalization)
  • Access Platform on Portal, Mobile and Email


  • Digitize your Lead management
  • Increase lead Conversion rate
  • Minimize labor-intensive lead follow-ups
  • Increase your topline and bottom line
  • Improve the ease of doing business
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