Streamline Procurement, Request for Quote, Multi Vendor/Distributor CPQ, RFQ

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily request quotes from multiple vendors and distributors in one place, digitally, rather than sending them emails one by one? Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could compare multiple quotes and optimize your profits, all in one dashboard?


Yagna’s RFQ (Request For Quote) feature is powered by advanced AI/ML technology and enables you to digitally request quotes from different vendors and distributors (suppliers) in an automated workflow irrespective of whether these suppliers are part of the Yagna platform or not. You can enter the product or service in the Yagna Platform along with the desired quantity and any other relevant details, and send out a request for quotes to multiple vendors/distributors at once. The platform then automatically collects the various quote replies from suppliers and presents them to you for further decision-making and margin optimization.


Most resellers like you often struggle to find the best deals on products or services. Additionally, you may face challenges in finding a supplier who has the desired items in stock. You spend a significant amount of time searching for the right suppliers can take away from time spent on other important tasks. Additionally, the process of requesting quotes from multiple suppliers and collating the responding offers can be time-consuming and inefficient, leading to delays in the procurement process.

Yagna Solution

The RFQ feature on the Yagna Channel ecosystem platform provides a solution to these challenges by digitizing and automating the quoting process involving multiple suppliers. Resellers can submit quote requests to multiple suppliers through the platform, irrespective of whether the supplier is participating in the Yagna platform or not. Once these suppliers respond with quotes, Yagna utilizes its powerful advanced AI/ML capability to read those quotes automatically and present you with multiple quotes in a standardized format on the Yagna platform. This streamlines the process and makes it easier for you to compare quotes and optimize profits by choosing the best option.


  • Request for quotes from any supplier
  • Compare and Optimize quotes from responding Suppliers
  • Convert supplier’s Excel Quote to Yagna digital Quote format using AI/ML
  • Automatic reminders and follow-ups with suppliers
  • Complete Quote management enabled by Yagna Channel CPQ


  • Time-saving: You can save time by requesting quotes from multiple vendors and distributors at once
  • Increased efficiency: The streamlined process improves efficiency and reduces errors
  • Margin optimization: You can optimize your margins by comparing quotes and choosing the best option for your business
  • Centralized management: Manage all your quotes in one central location, making it easy to keep track of all the options. Never miss an emailed quote response!
  • Improved decision-making: The ability to compare quotes in a standardized format makes it easier to make informed decisions about your purchases
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