Multi-Vendor, Multi-Distributor CPQ, Configure Price Quote

Envision a sales process where you are equipped with the right tools to quickly create multi-vendor, multi-distributor quotes, with accurate pricing and bundled offerings, to close deals faster. Visualize a realm where conducting business with your vendors and distributors is effortless and without hindrances!


The Yagna Channel CPQ is a multi-vendor Configure, Price, and Quote platform that caters to multi-tiered channels. It enables your sales team to configure complex products or services, determine the appropriate pricing, and generate accurate quotes and proposals in real-time. It also digitizes the sales process, automating the creation and delivering actionable quotes to your end customers.


As a reseller, you collaborate with multiple vendors and distributors for your Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) needs. Unfortunately, only a few vendors and distributors make their CPQ available through their portals. In contrast, others distribute their product and price information using Excel spreadsheets, or they may even send quotes via email.


Additionally, you must undertake several manual tasks for processing these quotes from the vendor or distributor, such as applying margins, converting to local currencies, and addressing tax and terms and conditions (T&C) before sending the quotes to your end customers.


This manual quoting process may take hours of labour and days or weeks to deliver, leading to delays and errors. It also adversely affects your margins.

Yagna Solution

Yagna Reseller Multi Vendor Channel CPQ

Yagna Channel CPQ enables you to access multi-vendor, multi-distributor CPQ under the same login. Yagna adapts to all quotes through a multi-tiered channel ecosystem by connecting to vendor’s or distributor’s existing CPQ APIs, Punch-out configurator or ingesting the Quotes data feed via CSV or email.


In addition, it enables you to create, automate and optimize real-time quotes for subscription or one-time line items along its support services. It also supports multi-region and multi-currency price lists, multi-tiered discounts, proposals and excel exports, place orders, renewals, upsell/cross-sell and collect payments functionalities while eliminating manual errors and delays.


After vendor or distributor quote creation, Yagna Channel CPQ automatically applies your margins, converts to local currencies, and applies tax to convert the quote into a reseller white-labelled quote allowing you to automate the quotes with your customers further.


With streamlined sales processes and accurate pricing, your sales team can focus on selling more effectively, leading to higher revenues and customer satisfaction.


Yagna has recently introduced ‘Request For Quote’ (RFQ) feature, which enables you to digitally request quotes from different vendors and distributors in an automated workflow, irrespective of whether these suppliers are part of the Yagna platform or not.


Read more about this feature here


  • Support for Multi-Vendor CPQ
  • Intelligent Product Store
  • Complex Product Configuration
  • Filter and Faceted Search
  • Product Comparison
  • Multi Region, Multi-currency Pricelist
  • Live Currency Conversion with lift
  • Volume-based Pricing
  • Attribute-based Pricing
  • Contracted Pricing
  • Subscription and Bundle Pricing
  • Goal Seek Pricing
  • Discounts and Promotion
  • Discount Stacking
  • Discount Authority
  • Quote Item Tagging
  • Taxation Support
  • Guided Selling
  • Quote Versioning
  • Order and Payments
  • Sales Hierarchy
  • Support for local languages
  • Inbuilt support for Channel Renewals
  • Automatic updates to CRM systems
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Upsell the Services and Subscription
  • Cross-sell Products
  • Email Tracking and Analytics
  • One-click Partner Onboarding
  • CPQ on Portal, Mobile and Email
  • Dashboards for 360-degree business view


  • Increased efficiency and enhanced accuracy with optimization and automation of the quote process
  • Improved reseller partner and customer experience with a better buying experience and increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenue with personalized offers and upsell/cross-sell recommendations
  • Greater real-time sales visibility and better decision-making with digitization
  • Improved collaboration across teams with the most up-to-date product and pricing information
  • Reduced costs with the automation of manual processes, errors reduction, and minimum need for rework
  • Faster time-to-market with the automation of the configuration and pricing process
  • Regulatory compliance with the application of pricing rules and discounts, reducing the risk of non-compliance
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