Renewal Automation, Recurring Revenue Automation

Envision a Channel ecosystem where a ‘reactive’ renewal quote for subscriptions or service contracts is a thing of the past. Instead, envision a ‘proactive’ and automated process that transforms the entire renewal experience into a seamless and stress-free one increasing the ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and IQRR (In Quarter Recurring Revenue).


Yagna Renewal Cloud is a Recurring Revenue Automation Platform. It digitizes your renewal processes and proactively renews your subscriptions and service contracts, especially for your low-dollar, high-volume long-tail partners.


Sending batches of Renewal Notifications through the channel is only the beginning of the renewal process. Once the reseller or end customer receives a renewal notice, they must request a renewal quote and initiate a manual process. A manual renewal quoting process may take hours of labor and days or weeks to deliver. Moreover, this process relies on channel partners who may only be willing to provide a quote if the customer requests. This makes the process very reactive and hard to predict, leading to delays, errors, and potential revenue loss.

Yagna Solution

Yagna Renewal Cloud makes your renewal processes proactive and zero-touch. Yagna adapts to all renewals through a multi-tiered channel ecosystem by connecting to your existing renewal APIs or ingesting the IB/Quotes data feed via CSV. The platform automates renewals by creating customized journeys and templates for upcoming renewals, thus freeing up the renewal teams to focus on high-priority customers. In addition, it sends automated notifications, reminders, quotes, upsells and payment options to channel partners and customers.


  • Zero-touch Automatic Quotes to Channel
  • Proactive Quotes with Payment links
  • Support for local languages
  • Flexible Renewal Journeys (Workflows)
  • Notifications, Reminders and Escalations for renewals
  • Automatic updates to CRM systems
  • Upsell the Services and Subscription
  • Cross-sell Products
  • Contract co-terming
  • Email Tracking and Analytics
  • One-click Partner Onboarding
  • Track Partner Activity on Renewals
  • AI/ML-based Churn Analytics
  • Renewal on Portal, Mobile and Email
  • Dashboards for 360-degree business view


  • Increase Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and In Quarter Renewal Rates (IQRR)
  • Save at least 125 hrs. for every 100 contracts/subscriptions
  • Increase on-time renewal rate by 20-25%
  • Increase Low $$$ contracts conversion rate by 10-15%
  • Visibility to Renewal Process through the Channel with reports and Dashboards
  • Pass Transactional data through the Channel while keeping proprietary information secure from outside actors and other platform users
  • Transform your workforce’s focus from laborious renewal follow-ups to efficient deal closure
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