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Optimize Your Cisco CSPP Rebates for Service Sales and Delivery with Automation

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Patrick Johnston
Patrick is VP of Worldwide Sales at Yagna IQ. Patrick’s responsibilities encompass sales team leadership, accelerating Yagna iQ’s revenue through expanding Yagna iQ’s presence in new geographies, developing new channels, and contributing to the company’s marketing and business strategies.

As a Cisco reseller, you understand the importance of maximizing your earnings through the Cisco Services Partner Program (CSPP). Navigating the CSPP landscape can be intricate, but with the right strategies, you can optimize your rebate potential.


Here’s a guide to help you make the most of the CSPP:

  1. Deep Dive into Your CSPP Metrics:
    Begin by thoroughly analyzing your CSPP metrics. Understand your Service Sales Rebate and Service Delivery Rebate percentages. Identify areas where you may be falling short or excelling. Use the new Cisco PXP platform, it’s easy to see the missed rebate potential for your company
  2. Benchmark Against Best-in-Class:
    Compare your rebate percentage with the average best-in-class. This benchmarking exercise provides valuable insights into missed rebate potential. Focus on bridging the gap between your current performance and the best-in-class standards.
  3. Prioritize High-Incentive Areas:
    Concentrate your efforts on high-incentive areas, such as Service Sales and Service Delivery. These components typically offer the highest rebate incentives. By optimizing performance in these areas, you can significantly impact your overall rebate.
  4. Continuous Improvement Mindset:
    Embrace a continuous improvement mindset. Even if you’re already performing well, aim to surpass benchmarks. Recurring Revenue often leads to upsell, and Tech Refresh opportunities. Consider automating such sales motions, especially in the long tail accounts. Automate your customer’s journey rather than a one-time optimization.
  5. Peer Group Insights:
    Understand your position within your peer group. Benchmarking against peers in your business level and region can provide valuable context. Identify areas where you can learn from others or share your expertise.
  6. Holistic View of Missed Rebate Potential:
    Look beyond individual metrics. Use a holistic approach to understand your total Missed Rebate Potential. This involves considering all payment components in the CSPP Incentive Summary Table.
  7. Metric Monitoring for Informed Decisions:
    Regularly monitor additional metrics that impact your rebates. This proactive approach allows you to make informed decisions and adjustments to your strategy.
  8. Projected Rebate Amount Considerations:
    Keep in mind that all rebate amounts are projected and subject to change per CSPP Incentive and payment amount calculations policy. Stay informed about policy updates to manage expectations. Automation allows you to quickly take advantage of new policies and programs with your customers.
  9. Collaborate and Share Knowledge:
    Engage with your peers and industry forums to share experiences and gain insights. Collaboration often leads to innovative solutions and best practices.

Elevate Your Strategy with Automation

Achieving CSPP rebate optimization requires efficiency and precision. Consider incorporating automation into your renewal processes to streamline and enhance your efforts.


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As you explore ways to enhance your CSPP performance, remember that technology can be a powerful ally in your journey towards increased profitability and sustained success.