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Unlock the secrets to maximizing your Cisco CSPP rebates without the hassle of adding extra staff or stressing your sales team.
Discover how successful Cisco Resellers are leveraging the power of Yagna IQ Platform to supercharge their service incentives.

Optimize your CSPP Rebates without adding Staff or Stressing Your Sales Team!:


What’s Inside:

  1. Uncover Missed Rebate Potential: Learn how the new Cisco PXP platform makes it easy to identify and capitalize on missed rebate opportunities.
  2. Elevate Practice Maturity: Discover strategies to increase your Service Sales and Service Delivery Rebates by seamlessly connecting to CCW-R/CCW APIs and automating renewals for your customers.
  3. Yagna’s Proven Record: Explore how Yagna’s Renewal Cloud platform, a Cisco Approved Renewal Automation tool, has helped thousands of Cisco partners achieve 10-25% growth in renewal rates
  4. No New Staff, No Stress: Whether you aim for “Best-in-Class” status or simply want to elevate your current performance, Yagna Renewal Cloud is designed to enhance your Service Sales and Service Delivery metrics without the need for additional staff, reducing the burden on your sales team.

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