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How to Design Your Successful Renewal Email

How to Design your Successful Renewal Email!

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Vinod Kumar Gubba
Vinod is one of the founding engineers at Yagna IQ. In this role, he is responsible for developing customer strategy, accelerating platform adoption growth, and ensuring that the Yagna iQ Platform is the most trusted and relevant Channel Sales Simplified platform in the industry.

Do you know how successful companies design their renewal emails? We all have experienced the captivating emails that land in our inbox just at the right time, persuading us to continue the subscription for another term? Well, the secret is out – and the good news is, you can master the art of successful renewal email design too!


A renewal email can be an automated email sent to your customers to remind them that their contract, membership, or subscription with your company is ending. This proactive message serves as a friendly nudge, encouraging customers to renew their commitment and continue enjoying the benefits of your products or services. In crafting an effective renewal email, it’s essential to use compelling and persuasive language to highlight the value they’ve received during their current term.

A Renewal Emails Consist of:

  • Attention grabbing – Subject line/Headline
  • Personalized and engaging – Content
  • Information about usage or value received
  • Include payment details
  • Contract guidelines
  • Engaging – CTA (Call to Action)
  • Simple process to renew their service
Renewal email template

How to Write a Good Subject Line for Renewal Email.

A good subject line clearly states what the email is about. Whoever receives your email will understand it and can evaluate whether they should open and read the message. You’ve effectively increased the chances that your message will be opened/read or prioritized appropriately.

Effective Subject lines for Renewal Email

  • [Name], your subscription is ending soon — but it’s not too late!
  • Your [Company] Pro account expires soon
  • [Name], your subscription is about to expire!
  • Your access to [Product/ Service] expires in 15 days
  • Your [Product/ Service] account renews this week
  • Uh-oh, your membership is expiring!
  • 1 Week before Your Subscription Expires
  • 5 Days before Automatic Renewal
  • Only 3 more days left on your account
  • Last Call for Your Membership Renewal
  • [Name], don’t lose your valuables!
  • [Name], we’d love to have you back!

How to Write a Successful Renewal Email:

A good renewal email goes beyond just giving the essential information. It also provides customers with a strong reason to stay with your brand. Using crisp, targeted emails, you can ensure that you retain customers.

Here is a Sample Renewal Email Template For You.

One advice: Be confident, not pushy

Renewal email for renewing subscription

A renewal email goes beyond a simple email and subject line as it is specifically designed to encourage and facilitate the renewal of a subscription, membership, service, or any ongoing commitment. It is a part of customer relationship management (CRM) and is commonly used in businesses that offer recurring services or products.


Here are key elements that make a renewal email more comprehensive:

Incentive to Renew:

When you send a reminder to renew, it’s not just about reminding them. You need to show your customers a good reason to stick with you. To keep customers, ensure they know how much your business helps them. Adding incentives can boost your customer relationship and help them make faster decisions.


Sample Subject line if you include incentive:


  • Renew your [Company] membership early and save 10%!
  • Renew now – your special offer ends tonight!
  • Renew now and get one month free
  • 30% OFF regular price if you renew now
  • Another year of rewards could be yours
Renewal email for incentive

Create a Strong CTA for Renewal Email:

A strong Call to Action (CTA) in an email confidently tells you what to do next. It’s like a clear sign that guides you, making the email more straightforward and engaging.


  • Get Started Now
  • Subscribe for Exclusive Access
  • Unlock the Benefits
  • Shop Now
  • See the Difference
  • Limited-Time Offer
  • Explore Our Products
  • Get Your Discount
  • Reserve Your Spot
  • Learn More
  • Get a Quote
  • Upgrade Today
  • Claim Your Reward
  • See Our Plans and Pricing
  • Start Your Journey
  • Get Your Free Quote
  • Save Now
  • Unlock Access
  • Shop the Sale
  • Apply Now
  • Sign Me Up!
  • See Plans and Pricing
  • Book Your Reservation
  • Get Exclusive Access

Create FOMO

FOMO emails trigger on people’s fear of missing out to drive consumer engagement, urgency, and action. It typically includes messaging that triggers your target audience’s innate fear of missing out to make them more likely to convert.

Renewal email creating FOMO

Create an Automated Drip Campaign

A drip renewal email campaign is a series of strategically timed and sequenced emails designed to encourage and facilitate the renewal of subscriptions, memberships, or services. It may be several well timed reminders, starting 90-120 days before the expiration date, before the recipient is ready to renew.

Renewal email for Automated Drip Campaign

In conclusion, a successful renewal email requires strategic design, from attention-grabbing subject lines to a confident Call to Action (CTA). Including essential information, incentives, and creating a sense of urgency through FOMO enhances effectiveness. A well-structured renewal email serves as a
reminder and provides compelling reasons for customers to continue their journey with your brand.