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Yagna’s renewal automation platform pricing

Increasing Recurring Revenue Rates at Selected Partners, Countries or GEOs

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Patrick Johnston
Patrick is VP of Worldwide Sales at Yagna IQ. Patrick’s responsibilities encompass sales team leadership, accelerating Yagna iQ’s revenue through expanding Yagna iQ’s presence in new geographies, developing new channels, and contributing to the company’s marketing and business strategies.

As the channel increasingly focuses on recurring revenue, partners embrace the new model at varying paces. Certain Distributors and Resellers have invested in the necessary systems and infrastructure to leverage new recurring revenue products and services. They can meet Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and qualify for incentives, ensuring a return on their investment in the Recurring Revenue model. However, some partners may need assistance from the Vendor to make these investments and achieve the desired outcomes. Factors such as the delayed materialization of recurring revenue volume or financial constraints preventing the establishment of a dedicated sales team for recurring revenue can pose challenges.


For such partners, an easily implementable automation platform can serve as a bridge between adopting a recurring revenue sales motion and achieving profitability. The initial step involves evaluating current KPIs to identify “Best in Class” Distributors and Partners. Standard metrics for the assessment include “On Time Renewal Rate” (OTRR) or “In Quarter Renewal Rate” (IQRR).


Partners falling below the average or median in these metrics are potential candidates for improvement. Calculate the impact of a 10–20-point increase in OTTR/IQRR on their profitability. These partners, lacking the infrastructure for a recurring revenue sales motion, are prime candidates for a vendor to introduce a repeatable, automated process that aligns with their existing sales motions, whether through a reseller, customer success program, or direct-to-the-customer.


Yagna addresses these partners with Renewal Cloud automation bundles. Leveraging the existing renewal data sent to distributors or partners, Yagna Renewal Cloud creates an automated and repeatable process. It sends notifications, quotes, and reminders to every Reseller or Customer who has a contract or entitlement due for renewal.


For companies not ready to implement global automation for recurring revenue, there’s a straightforward way to boost Recurring Revenue at various levels, from Distributors/Partners to entire countries or even a single GEO. This solution requires minimal involvement from the Vendor or Partner’s staff, utilizing data readily available to partners. Yagna’s customer success team efficiently tailors a Renewal Cloud to integrate with the partner’s current sales processes, accommodating Recurring Revenue for both “High Touch” and “Long Tail” customers.