Yagna iQ Predictive WiFi Site Survey

Yagna iQ is the industry leader in cloud-based, multi-vendor Predictive WiFi Site Survey and used by thousands of partners across the globe. Yagna iQ’s Predictive WiFi Site Survey is a ground-breaking and cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site surveys which save you thousands of dollars in resource and travel cost.

What is On-Site WiFi Surveys?

Traditional onsite surveys require vendor or partner RF Engineers to visit customer sites and often resource cost of these onsite surveys have to be borne by vendor/partner. Stats suggest that while the vendor/partner may win only 20-25% of the deals, the onsite surveys have to be performed for almost all the mid to big size deals. It is redundant, inefficient and expensive to conduct onsite surveys in the early stages of a deal.

Why Use Predictive Site Surveys?

Predictive WiFi Site Survey does not require a customer site visit and you simulate the customer’s WiFi environment sitting at your office. You can not only create WiFi heatmap for customer site but also can build a professional proposal with quote remotely. This helps you save your efforts and money especially in the early part of the deals.
With Yagna iQ’s unique Predictive Site Survey an AI model is created using the simulation of customer’s RF environment and that in turn predicts the actual number of Access Points, location and expected heatmap in customer’s location.

With Yagna iQ’s Predictive WiFi Survey, it is easy to locate customer on google map, upload customer’s floor plan and on a click of a button generate heat map along with access point locations on the floor. You can also create budgetary quotes and professional proposals in minutes without even visiting customer location.

Contact us on customer.success@yagnaiq.com for more information.


Multi Vendor Support

Support for Cisco, Aruba, Huawei, Extreme, Ubiquiti, Aerohive and Ruckus.

Auto Detect Walls (beta)

Just upload the floor plan and watch the magic happen. Auto-detect Walls detects the walls on the floor plan automatically.

Dual Band Support

AP designed for high-performance environments with Dual-Band Support (2.4 and 5GHz) for Data Rates, RSSI and SNR.

Automatic AP Placement

Our algorithms help you with automatic placements of Access Points based on wall placement, attenuation, and floor considerations.

Product Recommendation

AP, Switch, Antenna and Controller recommendations based on customer requirements for better site planning and configuration of the quote.

MSRP Quotes

Create Budgetary quotes automatically which can further be downloaded to spreadsheets. Utilize our CPQ product line for automatic discounting.

Proposal with Heatmap

Reap benefits by Proposal documents that are well worded with heatmap, quote, and product information. These documents are fully customizable.

Google Map Integration

Locate your customer on Google map and mark their building to know the dimension you are targeting for WiFi coverage.



Try out our Cisco RF WiFi planner with all their latest Access Points and enjoy dynamic platform flexibility with Yagna.


Try out our Ruckus WiFi planner with all their latest Access Points and enjoy dynamic platform flexibility with Yagna. You can choose the marketplace depending on your persona.

Ruckus (for Partner users)
Ruckus OEM (for Distributor users)

Try out the capabilities of Yagna RF Wi-Fi planner with access to multiple vendors under one roof.

If you’re the WLAN / Access Point Vendor and would like to host White-labeled Wi-Fi Planner for your channel partners…

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