How Can Chatbots Help You Sell Faster? Understanding their Functionality and Benefits

Businesses today are changing the way of interaction with its customers.

By 2020, Gartner has predicted that 85% of customer-business relationships will be conducted without human interaction.


As messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype are becoming more popular, businesses are also moving to these apps to conduct their businesses. As per Statista, the number of users for messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype are growing drastically. Facebook Messenger alone has more than 1.3 billion monthly users.


One of the growing trends for the businesses is to use these messaging apps as ChatBots and these ChatBots are being considered as next wave in digital communication for businesses.

What are these ChatBots and how do they work? Are they like Humans?

ChatBots are basically virtual assistants, which work exactly the way any human work at any helpdesk. Customers chat with a ChatBot like the way they chat with any human. These ChatBots are artificial intelligence backed and can respond with adequate suggestion on different topics without human intervention.


In today’s busy world, everyone wants information to be delivered in the fastest way possible and there comes the importance of ChatBot.


The most powerful aspect of ChatBots is that they provide a direct line of communication between the problem and the solution. You don’t have to wait for someone to resolve your issue or to get any information because these virtual assistants are available 24*7.


Due to such rising acceptance around real-time ChatBots, it is becoming easier for businesses to create and maintain long lasting relationship with their customers.


A new study released by UK-based Juniper Research estimates that ChatBots will help businesses save more than $8 billion per year by 2022.

Why ChatBots?

  • Accessible anytime and can provide 24*7 support
  • Easy communication helps you save time to respond to your customers
  • Cost effective because it is virtual
  • Help you generate Leads & Revenue
  • Active Customer Engagement
  • Helps you automate repetitive tasks
  • Can be considered as alternate sales channel
  • Capable of handling large volume of requests
  • Proactive Customer Interaction


Below screen shows some of the big brands adopted to Messenger Bots already.  According to a survey by Oracle, 80 percent of businesses want a ChatBot in place by 2020.

So, how ChatBots can really help you close deals faster?

Whenever you are on a sales call, struggling to hit target you want that deal to be closed as soon as possible. You also got to have all the answers on the fly to win this deal.


To quote your customer mostly you have to dig out the required product information (in Excel sheets/emails) as per customer’s requirement.


On top of that you might also be afraid to lose that deal because of this delay to quote.


With ChatBots, sending a message and getting a reply takes hardly few seconds. Whenever any user has enquiry, the chatbot can answer it accurately and take that conversation a step further by initiating proactive conversation based on customer’s history.


Learning more about the customer requirement with this quick communication will ultimately speed up sales process and will also nurture your relationship with customer.


So, are you ready to get a faster quote via ChatBot?


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