Renewal Cloud for Resellers

Elevate Renewal Efficiency with Multi-Vendor Aggregation: Yagna Renewal Cloud for Resellers

Are you a reseller seeking to optimize your renewal process? Do you wish to streamline operations and maximize revenue? The solution lies in the renewal cloud for reseller – Yagna’s innovation platform that excels in automating recurring revenue. Welcome to the world of reseller renewal cloud – where efficiency, automation, and revenue growth converge.

Revolutionizing Recurring Revenue with Automation

In the dynamic landscape of reselling, managing renewals efficiently is paramount. The recurring revenue automation offered by Yagna is a game-changer. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to an automated, streamlined approach. With Yagna’s platform, you can bid farewell to the complexities of manual renewal processes. Instead, embrace a seamless, automated recurring revenue mechanism that transforms your operations.

The Power of Yagna Renewal Cloud

Introducing Yagna Renewal Cloud, a revolutionary multi-vendor Recurring Revenue Automation Platform designed to transform your renewal operations. This platform digitizes and streamlines your renewal processes, ensuring proactive and efficient subscription and service contract renewals. With Yagna Renewal Cloud, you gain the ability to manage renewals from various vendors and distributors seamlessly, all from a single, unified dashboard.

Overcoming Challenges

As a reseller, collaborating with multiple vendors and distributors for renewals can be a daunting task. Dealing with numerous renewal portals and data sources often leads to inefficiencies and delays. The challenge of managing separate portals for each vendor creates a chaotic environment, making it nearly impossible to provide timely quotes to your customers.


Furthermore, manual tasks like applying margins, converting currencies, and addressing tax and terms and conditions (T&C) further complicate the process, consuming valuable time and resources.

The Yagna Solution

Enter Yagna Renewal Cloud, the ultimate solution to your renewal challenges. This platform excels in creating a proactive and streamlined renewal process across multiple vendors and distributors. Yagna adapts to your diverse renewals by seamlessly connecting with vendor APIs, ingesting quotes/notification data feeds via CSV, or even automated emails.


Once integrated, the platform automates critical changes such as margin application, currency conversion, and taxation adjustments. The result? Automatic quotes tailored to your end customers’ needs. These quotes are review-ready, complete with payment links for easy transactions.

Yagna's Partner Ecosystem Platform

Yagna goes beyond being a mere software platform; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem platform designed for resellers. This partner ecosystem platform offers an array of benefits. It empowers you to engage with a diverse range of vendors and distributors seamlessly, allowing you to manage renewals efficiently from a single, unified dashboard. No more juggling multiple interfaces – Yagna’s platform unifies everything.

Unveiling Key Features:

Yagna Renewal Cloud offers an array of features to revolutionize your renewal process:


Notifications and Reminders: Keep your customers informed and engaged throughout the renewal journey.


Automated Quotes: Say goodbye to manual quote creation; Yagna generates automatic quotes for a seamless experience.


Vendor Collaboration: Request quotes effortlessly from a range of vendors and distributors.


Pricing Optimization: Leverage past renewal data for optimal pricing strategies.


Proactive Quotes: Provide customers with timely quotes and convenient payment links.


CRM Integration: Enjoy automatic updates to your CRM systems for enhanced efficiency.

Reaping the Benefits

Embracing Yagna Renewal Cloud leads to a multitude of benefits for your business:


Margin Boost: Invest less time and effort in renewal closures while maximizing your profit margins.


Time Savings: Save a substantial 125 hours for every 100 contracts/subscriptions.


On-Time Renewals: Increase your on-time renewal rate by 20-25%.


Conversion Enhancement: Improve low-dollar contracts conversion by 10-15%.


Efficient Focus: Shift your workforce’s attention from tedious follow-ups to efficient deal closures.


Transform Your Renewal Process Today!


The era of manual renewal processes is fading, making way for the age of automation and efficiency. Embrace the power of Yagna’s reseller renewal cloud and join the league of successful resellers who have harnessed the potential of automating recurring revenue. Elevate your business, optimize your revenue stream, and enjoy the benefits of an advanced partner ecosystem platform. Yagna’s ecosystem platform is your gateway to the future of reselling.


Don’t wait. Transform your approach to renewals today with Yagna’s automation recurring revenue solution. Experience the difference firsthand and pave the way for a more profitable future.


Discover Yagna Renewal Cloud and Elevate Your Reselling Journey Now!


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