Imagine having a seamless solution to optimize your channel operations by digitizing lead distribution and management, quote-to-cash, recurring revenue, and CPQ processes. Envision a system that offers data visibility and transparency, empowering you with improved tracking and informed decision-making through a comprehensive channel dashboard.


The Yagna Channel Ecosystem platform brings this vision to life by digitizing lead distribution and management, recurring revenue, upsell/cross-sell and CPQ processes for your channel. In addition, the Yagna Channel Ecosystem platform flawlessly integrates with your existing backend systems (CRM, ERP), creating a robust channel dashboard for efficient tracking and effective decision-making.


The channel sales processes require partners to have extensive access to exact product and pricing information to navigate complex sales processes. Leads, recurring revenue, quotes, and order management are often handled through emails and Excel spreadsheets, resulting in a loss of efficiency due to the lack of effective digitization and visibility.


CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) systems are often not extended to the channel meaningfully due to the limitations of CRM systems on which they are typically built. Recurring revenue processes mostly remain reactive, and quotes are not shared till the end customer requests them.


Vendors, Distributors and Resellers alike often struggle with forecasting accuracy due to a lack of data visibility and transparency across the channels.

Yagna Solution

Yagna Channel Ecosystem Platform empowers the channel with its digitization suite of products focusing on recurring Revenue, CPQ, upsell/cross-sell and channel Lead distribution. In addition, the Yagna Channel Ecosystem platform enhances data visibility and transparency across all channels.


Yagna platform is a cloud data platform that consolidates all relevant data from various sources and makes it easily accessible to all stakeholders in the channel. The platform has robust reporting and analytics capabilities that provide insights into demand patterns, channel performance, and resource utilization. In addition, it also allow for real-time data updates and enable data sharing across departments, teams, and partners.


Yagna Platform maintain consistency in product, configuration, pricing, renewal, ordering and lead data across channel and automatically update information, ensuring that vendors, distributors, and resellers have access to accurate, up-to-date information. This not only enhances customer experience but also helps reduce friction in channel.

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