Umesh Vijayvergiya

Umesh Vijayvergiya
VP of APJC & MEA Sales

With over 25 years of experience in the technology sector, Umesh has built a reputation as a seasoned sales leader known for consistently exceeding expectations and driving business success.


At Yagna iQ, Umesh’s role as a VP of APJC & MEA Sales is pivotal. His extensive expertise, strategic insights, and deep understanding of market dynamics have been instrumental in driving revenue growth and fostering strategic partnerships. His visionary leadership and commitment to delivering value have played a significant role in positioning Yagna iQ as a key player in the industry.


Umesh has demonstrated remarkable proficiency in sales management, business development, and service sales throughout his career. His strategic acumen and keen insights into market trends enable him to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities, resulting in sustained business growth and market expansion.


As the Vice President of India Sales at Yagna iQ, Umesh’s commitment to customer and partner success is unwavering. His dedication to driving innovation and delivering exceptional results is a testament to his sales leadership excellence. His efforts in creating value for customers, partners, and stakeholders solidify his position as a true industry luminary.