Ram Rai
Co-Founder & CEO

Ram is the cofounder and primary inventor of Yagna iQ. Ram has over 20 years of experience in the Communication and Software industry. Prior to Yagna iQ, Ram co-founded IPCell Technologies, which was later acquired by Cisco for more than $200 million. Ram worked with Cisco on the acquisition, and later served as Cisco’s Head Marketing Executive up until 2005. In 2005 Ram co-founded Yagna iQ. Ram has also worked with NEC, and another Research and Development company that supported NASA in various fields. Ram had an exemplary track record before starting IPCell. He also holds a patent on Digital Image Processing.


After hours

A basketball enthusiast, Ram keeps himself fit playing basketball and practicing Yoga every day. Ram loves skiing with his family during winters, and takes time to go biking, hiking, and mountain climbing with his kids. Apart from outdoor activities, Ram enjoys reading business books with real life experiences.