Gahn Lane

Experienced sales and marking executive with over fifteen years of success in channel engagement across the US, Europe and Asia. Creates sustainable revenue pipelines, market share growth and brand exposure while maximizing operating margin and net income. Achieves sales excellence by leveraging vision and mission as well as resource and results-focused priorities, objectives and timetables. Consistently delivers successful outcomes within the most challenging environments.


Serves as a trusted advisor and confidante to the executive team, board members, management and staff. Challenges and inspires the development of innovative solutions by collaborating with key stakeholders. Consistently achieves unprecedented results sourcing and mentoring world class professionals and significantly enhancing career development performance and advancement into leadership roles.. Serves as the “go-to” channel and Federal/SLED expert with a focus on operational excellence. Competencies include:


▪ Direct & Indirect Marketing ▪ Portfolio Management & Relations
▪ Fed & SLED Bidding Processes ▪ Affiliate Marketing & Relationship Nurturing
▪ Customer Relationship Management – CRM ▪ Multi-Channel Sales Pipeline Development
▪ Go-to-Market Strategy Creation & Execution ▪ Recruiting, Hiring, Developing & Managing Teams
▪ Marketing Program Research, Authoring & Rollouts ▪ Evaluations, Mentoring & Performance Management
▪ Client Needs Assessment & Service Delivery Alignment ▪ Independent Software Vendor Acquisition & Management