CommScope selects Yagna iQ for its Predictive Wi-Fi Planner

Plano, Texas – January 01, 2020


Yagna iQ Inc, a leading Texas-based multinational in CPQ and Installed base revenue acceleration platform, announced that it has been selected by Ruckus, now owned by CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM), for predictive Wi-Fi Planning.


Yagna iQ’s Wi-Fi planner is a tool for partners to create heatmaps. This predictive WiFi planner is a ground-breaking and cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site surveys which can help you save thousands of dollars in resource and travel cost. It is now easy to upload a customer’s floor plan and on a click of a button generate a heat map along with access point locations on the floor. You can also create budgetary quotes and professional proposals in minutes without even visiting the customer location.


“The collaboration has been a success as it has helped expand business opportunities for both the parties, allowing us to showcase our capabilities in the wireless space”, said Ram Rai, CEO at Yagna iQ.


“With this major milestone achieved, we are creating maximum reach that will help shape the future of predictive Wi-Fi planning with greater technology & solutions”, said Manish Agrawal, CTO at Yagna iQ.


Bharat Jayakumar , Product Management Director said “CommScope Ruckus’s collaboration with Yagna iQ adds a tremendous value to the partner community and allows partners to fulfill their design needs effectively while being highly accurate.”

About Yagna iQ

Yagna iQ is an installed-base driven revenue acceleration and CPQ platform. Yagna iQ utilizes multi-vendor historical sales transaction data and generates new Cross-sell / Upsell / Renewal opportunities with the help of its analytics and machine learning capabilities. Yagna iQ’s world-class CPQ platform further helps to generate faster quotes and professional proposals. Yagna iQ solution is widely deployed and it has 25000+ business users in more than 150 countries. For more information, visit and follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.