Envision a channel Ecosystem Platform where each stakeholder, i.e. vendors, distributors, resellers, and end customers, are connected to the secured ‘Digital Highway’ and can discover, connect and transact with one another digitally and securely!


The Yagna Channel Ecosystem Platform revolutionizes business in the channel by digitally connecting Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, and End Customers on the Cloud for Secured and Seamless Channel transactions.


The traditional channel ecosystem is a complex network of vendors, distributors, resellers, and end customers, which can be challenging to manage effectively. In addition, each of the stakeholders, like you, typically has your unique systems and portals for communication and information exchange. These unique systems working in silos can present a significant challenge for managing transactions through channels as it requires integrating these disparate systems to ensure seamless collaboration and efficient operations.


The absence of a unified digital platform for the seamless exchange of transactions results in business done through phone calls, emails, or even physical paper, leading to delays, errors, reduced efficiency and missed revenue opportunities.


Further, the lack of end-to-end visibility and collaboration in the channel ecosystem creates obstacles for stakeholders to work together, resulting in ‘Channel Friction’.

Yagna Solution

Yagna Channel Ecosystem Platform digitally connects vendors, distributors, resellers, and end customers on the cloud for secured and seamless transactions.


To draw a parallel, if the conventional channel ecosystem is like a complex ‘Road Network’ where every single vendor, distributor, reseller, and end customer connects with one another via a private road for collaboration and transactions, then the Yagna Channel Ecosystem Platform is like a ‘Digital Highway’ on the cloud which runs through all vendors, distributors, resellers and end customers and enables them to discover, connect and transact with one another seamlessly and securely.


Yagna enables many use cases for the stakeholders on this Channel Ecosystem Platform like Renewal Automation, Channel Lead Distribution, Upsell/Cross-sell and Channel CPQ. Yagna also empowers you to access the Ecosystem platform via APIs or the Yagna portal. Everyone on the Ecosystem highway can use their own CRM, PRM or ERP and connect those systems to the highway, avoiding developing and maintaining individual API connections for each.


Yagna Ecosystem Platform also provides end-to-end visibility and collaboration, enabling all stakeholders to streamline their operations, reduce inefficiencies, and deliver better, frictionless experiences.

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