Picture a world where the channel ecosystem is fully automated, connecting vendors, distributors, resellers and, end customers, digitally in a frictionless manner. Manual processes and transactions vanish, streamlining follow-ups and efficient communications. Teams focus on strategy and selling, as automated systems handle routine operational tasks. Advanced technology like AI elevates efficiency, paving the way for innovation and long-term success in the channel landscape.


Yagna Channel Ecosystem Platform is a Channel Automation Platform which streamlines the workflows by connecting systems and teams. The automation includes recurring revenue automation, CPQ automation, Lead distribution in the channel automation and upsell/cross-sell automation.


The traditional channel ecosystem is a complex and often fragmented network of vendors, distributors, resellers, and end customers, which can be challenging to manage effectively. This complexity results in several challenges, such as inefficient manual processes, human errors, ineffective digital data management and lack of visibility across channels. Leads, Renewals, Quotes, Orders, and Invoices across the channel are often handled through email and Excel spreadsheets resulting in inefficient renewal processes, slow turnaround time for quotes, and inefficient order processing resulting in a lot of tracking and follow-ups. Additionally, managing channel leads and distributing them to the right channel partners manually is a time-consuming task which results in lost business opportunities. Consequently, these problems hinder the overall growth and efficiency of the channel ecosystem.

Yagna Solution

Yagna Channel Ecosystem Platform reimagines the channel with its automation suite of products for vendors, distributors, and resellers. Yagna Channel Ecosystem Platform empowers the channel with products focusing on Recurring Revenue Automation, CPQ Automation, Upsell/cross-sell Automation and Channel Lead Distribution Automation products. Yagna streamlines channel operations, improving efficiency, and fostering growth for all stakeholders within the channel ecosystem.

Recurring Revenue Automation

Yagna Renewal Cloud, part of the Yagna Channel Ecosystem Platform, makes your renewal processes proactive and zero-touch across multiple vendors. Yagna Renewal Cloud automates renewals by building customized journeys and templates for upcoming renewals, thus freeing up the renewal teams to focus on high-priority customers. In addition, it sends automated notifications, reminders, quotes, upsells and payment options to the resellers.

CPQ Automation

Yagna Channel CPQ, part of the Yagna Channel Ecosystem Platform, automates sales processes for the channel by automating the configuration, pricing, and quoting of complex products and services. Yagna Channel CPQ empowers sales teams to respond quickly to customer inquiries, reduces the risk of errors in pricing and configurations, and speeds up the sales cycle.

Upsell/Cross-sell Automation

Yagna XSUS Cloud, part of the Yagna Channel Ecosystem Platform, automates the Upsell/Cross-sell opportunities generation by ingesting your Installed Base data.


Yagna XSUS Cloud can find white-space opportunities, and product-refresh opportunities and even can identify dormant customers for you. It can cross-marry product data to create new business through net-new logos or can help you migrate perpetual licenses to subscriptions.

Channel Lead Distribution Automation

XSUS cloud, a part of Yagna’s Channel Ecosystem Platform, empowers you to automate the distribution and management of your leads in the channel.


XSUS cloud automatically allocates leads to appropriate partners based on predefined criteria such as geographical location, product specialization, or partner tier. This ensures that leads are distributed to the most suitable partners, improving the chances of successful conversions. Additionally, automation can track the performance of partners and adjust lead distribution accordingly, ensuring better resource allocation and increased sales efficiency.

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