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It takes a lot of muscle to build groundbreaking products. If building products is your passion, we can bring you there; in fact, we can be your vehicle to ‘Go To Market’ in style!


Global sales leaders are streamlining their global organizations’ practices and operations as part of digital transformation initiatives with the aim to increase sales effectiveness, margins, and revenue.


As a vendor are you ready to take the leap into the new saga of demand generation and operational efficiency driven Digital Transformation? Not sure? Answer the following questions:

  1. Do you generate more business for yourselves using the installed base data of your customers?
  2. Do you have a high rate of renewals and recurring subscriptions?
  3. Do you provide your partners with a partner facing Configuration, Price, Quote – CPQ portal for error-free configurations and quotes?
  4. Do you get daily visibility of quoting activity across your channel partner network?
  5. Do you submit professional proposals to your customer/partners or just an excel sheet with a quote? Are you making a good first impression?


If the answer to any of these questions is ‘No‘, it’s time you consider Yagna iQ’s path-breaking SmartLead and CPQ digital transformation solutions.


At Yagna iQ, we make selling simple! Just create a portal for your partners, and leave everything to us. We help you attract, retain, delight partners and grow your relationship with partner and customer organizations.


Yagna iQ helps you with demand generation as well as operational efficiency. Yagna iQ utilizes your multi-vendor historical sales transactions data, i.e., Installed Base (IB) and churns new Cross-sell / Upsell sales opportunities for you with the help of its analytics and machine learning capabilities. Once the new IB driven opportunities are identified, a partner or your team can use our world-class Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Platform for generating quotes and proposals, as well as for single click payments.


Learn more about demand generation with Yagna iQ – SmartLead

Learn more about increasing operational efficiency  with Yagna iQ – CPQ

Learn more about Vendor Suite with Yagna iQ datasheet – Vendor Data Sheet


Salient Features:
  • Stay assured with secured and certified Yagna iQ Cloud Solution
  • Identify new Cross-sell / Upsell opportunities using historical sales data and increase revenue.
  • Increase on-time rate of renewal with zero-touch system
  • Easy creation of Partner/Customer facing self-care CPQ portal with your pre-set discounting for run-rate customers.
  • Easily add new product catalog along with multi-region pricing, multi-currency pricing, promotions, stacked discounts.
  • Digital Ecosystem of the vendor, distributors, and partners where partners can get distributor quotes quickly.
  • Faster and configuration error-free quotes for partners
  • Account Based Selling (Know past transactions with the recommendations)
  • Integrates with in-house CRM and ERP systems.
  • Territory and sales hierarchy based quote routing
  • Reporting and Analytics
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