Trade in your ZonePlanner License for a new Ruckus Wi Fi Planner License and we’ll apply the value toward your purchase.

Trade-in program overview on Ruckus Wi Fi Planner


Current Offerings Trade-in Value of ZonePlanner Price for 1st Year Price from 2nd Year
Starter Plan ($132 – 10 Design) Not Applicable $132 $132
Professional ($902 – 100 Designs) $200 $702 $902
What is the Ruckus Wi Fi Planner License Trade-In program?

As ZonePlanner is EOL, in order to help you transition to Cloud based Ruckus Wi Fi Planner, we are offering a Trade-In program. Using this Trade-in program , you can purchase your 1st Year license for Ruckus Wi Fi Planner at a discounted rate.

How does the Ruckus Wi Fi Planner License Trade-In program work?

As a partner who holds a ZonePlanner License, you can send us the details of your current ZonePlanner license. Once we verify your ZonePlanner license details, you will receive a coupon code from us. You can use this coupon code to receive the discounted price on the purchase of your Ruckus Wi Fi Planner License.

Am I eligible for Ruckus Wi Fi Planner License Trade-In program?

Any Ruckus partner who currently holds a ZonePlanner License (bought before 31st Dec 2019) will be eligible for this Trade-In program.

I own a ZonePlanner license and have already purchased a Ruckus Wi Fi Planner License as well. How can I be part of this Trade-In program?

If you had already purchased the Ruckus Professional license from Yagna iQ and also currently hold a Zone Planner license as well, you are still eligible for the Trade-In program. In this case, you will be eligible to receive a coupon which you can use for purchasing add-ons. Please get in touch with us at and we will help you out further.

Will I lose access to ZonePlanner if I submit my license ID to Yagna IQ Inc for Ruckus Wi Fi Planner License Trade-In program?

You can continue to use your ZonePlanner software even after submitting your license ID for the Trade-In program. Your license ID is only used to validate and provide you with the appropriate discount which you can use to purchase Ruckus Wi Fi Planner license.

  1. Offer valid on a purchase of Professional ($902 – 100 Designs) plan. Not valid on Starter ($132 – 10 Design) or Premium Pro ($1205 – 500 Designs) or Premium ($2085 – Unlimited Designs) plans.
  2. We will need your ZonePlanner License ID (License bought before 31st Dec 2019).
  3. You cannot combine multiple Zoneplanner licenses to offset your purchase of Ruckus Wi Fi Planner License.
  4. Only one ZonePlanner Invoice/proof of purchase from a partner organization will be considered for Trade-in Program.
  5. The discounted price is only applicable for the first year of your subscription. While automatically renewing your license, the original price of the plan will be applicable. For example , you have traded your ZonePlanner license for a Professional ($902 – 100 Designs) plan and received a $200 coupon , effectively purchasing your Professional ($902 – 100 Designs) license at $702. During the next renewal, you will be billed the original price of Professional plan i.e. $902 for 100 Designs.
Please give your details below to avail this trade-in discount
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