Benefits of Yagna iQ's CPQ

Quick Rollout and Managed Cost

Do not let your CPQ project turn into a typical enterprise software nightmare in terms of rollout delays and cost.
Yagna iQ’s CPQ platform is built on the cutting edge technology stack and is very flexible to integrate with your in-house systems. While Yagna iQ has depth and breadth of CPQ feature set and it may suffice your needs; just in case if you require the customizations - on Yagna iQ these are very quick and very reasonably priced.
Typical CPQ project rollout plan by our competition spans across 12-24 months, while Yagna iQ CPQ with its self-service and plug and play architecture can be rolled out within weeks. Similarly, due to the flexibility of the Yagna iQ platform the professional services cost is a fraction of Yagna iQ’s competition.

Scales Out horizontally to Partners and Customers

Most of the existing CPQ solutions in the market scales vertically. Typically these CPQ solutions cater to users within the same organization however when the CPQ functionality has to be extended and scaled out to channel partners or end customers then that comes with a very heavy price tag and often with additional CRM licenses for Partner/Customer users.
Yagna iQ’s unique software architecture allows its solution to scale out horizontally and on day-one, it allows single click onboarding for partners and customers. Your partners or customers can log in to Yagna iQ and can build quick quotes themselves with your predefined margins. All this happens without your team spending time on these deals, once ready the partners and customers can even place an order and make the payment in Yagna iQ.

Pay Per Partner and NOT per Partner User

As the stat suggests only 1 in 10 channel partners are really active for a given vendor, and 80% of the vendor revenue comes from 20% of the top partners, are you wasting money by buying a license for every single partner user?
With Yagna iQ’s unique pricing you do not have to pay for every partner user but all users of a partner are counted towards only one license.

Seamless Integration with CRM, But it is Not Built on Top of CRM

Yagna iQ CPQ platform is a standalone cloud platform and does not tie you down with a specific CRM platform. With Yagna iQ as you do not need to buy CRM license for every user, it brings your overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) significantly down.
Though Yagna iQ is not built on top of a CRM system, it has ready-to-deploy integration plugins for CRM systems like Salesforce and MS Dynamics. These CRM integration plugins allow you the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature and enable seamless data integration with the CRM systems.

End to End Workflow

Our intelligent CPQ software provides actionable insights to your business. Our CPQ allows users to step through a complete workflow from requirements gathering to placing an order to the payment process. Sales reps can turn the quotes around in minutes instead of days or weeks with the capabilities to build quick configurations, pricing, quotes and to create a professional-looking proposal.
Yagna iQ’s CPQ greatly reduces errors, streamlines your workflow allowing for greater efficiency throughout the order management by selling more to more customers.

Intelligent Guided Selling

Our patent-pending Guided Selling module is a questionnaire based simple, intuitive and visual alternative to complex product configurations. Often sales reps are not very technical and they have to depend on technical teams to build even simple quotes. With our guided selling the sales reps can now easily create cookie-cutter or tailor-made solutions proposals for the specific customer needs - all by answering a few simple questions! What more - the sales rep also receives product Cross-sell / Upsell as well as account-specific recommendations to make informed decisions.

Visual Guided Selling

Yagna iQ's industry leading cloud-based, multi-vendor Predictive WiFi Site Survey allows teams to build quick WiFi budgetary quotes along with the detailed heatmaps. It is also a cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site surveys, saving you thousands of dollars in resources and travel cost. WiFi planner provides you with highly customizable and detailed proposal and aids you in winning the deals.

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