Yagna iQ Solution for Distributors

Smart Leads (Renewals, Cross-sell / Upsell)

Over the years, Vendors, Distributors and Channel Partners sell products to thousands of customers. But how often this past sales data, i.e., installed base (IB) data is utilized effectively to generate more business for your organization? – Well, the answer is rarely!


Statistics suggest that acquiring a new customer revenue is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining and generating recurring and incremental revenue from an existing customer.


With Yagna iQ’s Smart Renewals and Smart XSUS products, tap into huge recurring and incremental revenue from your existing customers’ installed base.


CPQ+ (Configure Price Quote)

Are you still using older and manual ways to do your day-to-day jobs like creating spreadsheets for building quotes? Manual work is always error-prone and often requires too many reviews and revisions. Is it slowing down your process and progress?


It’s time to revamp! Yagna iQ’s Configure Price & Quote (CPQ) solution is here to create faster quotes and proposals. Your sales reps and partners don’t have to pull information from different spreadsheets to create quotes and proposals anymore.


Our innovative excellence has helped us reinvent the whole selling experience by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the selling process. Our intelligent CPQ software quickly guides the partners or customers through the product configuration, creates quotes and provides Cross-sell / Upsell recommendations.


With 40+ distributors onboard, Yagna iQ offers a unique Multi-Vendor and CPQ platform for Distributors. Yagna iQ creates an onboarding portal for its channel partner ecosystem in minutes, allowing them to get distributor quotes on a click instead of typical 2-4 days of turnaround time.


Why Yagna iQ?

Yagna iQ has developed an installed base driven revenue acceleration platform, widely deployed with thousands of channel partners across the globe, to help digitize transaction work flow.It streamlines the requirements to order fulfillment and promotes the ease of doing business within and across organizations. Our solution delivers profitability, efficiency and provides a complete visibility around sales activities, to track real time sales funnel. That’s not all, Yagna iQ also has a new shiny way of serving its users with Artificial Intelligence backed Yana chatbot.


Salient Features:
  • Stay assured with secured and certified Yagna iQ Cloud Solution.
  • Identify new Cross-sell / Upsell opportunities using historical sales data.
  • Increase on-time rate of renewal with the zero-touch system.
  • Distributor branded Multi-vendor, Multi-distributor quotes and professional proposals.
  • Faster budgetary quotes with end-to-end revision tracking.
  • Customer facing self-care portal with your pre-set discounting for run-rate customers.
  • Account Based Selling (Know past transactions with the recommendation).
  • Integrates with in-house CRM and ERP systems.
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