Predictive RF Wi Fi Planner

Yagna iQ is the industry leader in cloud-based, multi-vendor Predictive WiFi Site Survey and used by thousands of partners across the globe. Yagna iQ’s Predictive WiFi Site Survey is a groundbreaking and cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site surveys which save you thousands of dollars in resource and travel cost.


Traditional onsite survey solutions require vendor or partner RF Engineers to visit customer sites and often employ expensive resources resulting in cost of these onsite surveys being borne by sellers. Market Data suggests that while the sellers may win only 20-25% of the deals, the onsite site surveys have to be performed for almost all the mid to big size deals. It is redundant, inefficient and expensive to conduct onsite surveys in the early stages of a deal unless as a seller one believes that there is a good chance of winning that deal.


Explore the path-breaking and cost-effective alternative i.e. Yagna iQ Predictive WiFi Site Survey Solution! Predictive WiFi Site Survey Solution does not require a customer site visit.By simply simulating the customer’s WiFi environment sitting at your office, it can help sellers to save time and money especially in the early stages of the transaction.


With Yagna iQ’s unique Predictive Site Survey Solution, an AI model is created using the simulation of customer’s RF environment and that in turn predicts the actual number of Access Points, location and expected heatmap based on customer’s location environment.


Cloud Solution

Predictive RF Wi-Fi Planner is a cloud based solution which can be accessed anytime, anwhere and any device. All designs can be and shared with other sellers and customers.


Automatic AP Placement

Yagna iQ smart algorithms help with Access Point (AP) recommendations and automatic AP placements based on attenuations and area. Access Points are designed for highperformance environments.


Auto Detect Walls (beta)

Auto-detect Walls feature detects the walls on the floor plan automatically and allows selection of type of wall across the floor plan.


Multi Vendor Platform

RF Wi Fi Planner supports Access points and antennas from Multiple vendors which helps in quickly comparing how different vendors’ Access Points behave in the same environment.


Google Map Integration

Locate your customer address on Google map and mark their building to know the dimensions of your WiFi design.


Custom Wall Types

Apart from the existing different types of walls available for selection from the Wall Pallette, Custom Wall feature enables creation/definition of a wall type and assigns an attenuation value.


MSRP Quotes

Create Budgetary quotes automatically which can further be downloaded to spreadsheets.Integrate with our path breaking CPQ solution for detailed discounted quotes.


Multiple Floors with Adjustible Heights

Create multiple floors on same design with adjustable Floor Height capability, giving lot of flexibility to create wide range of building types. Canned Profiles Instead of drawing walls individually, a set of predefined profiles can be used which offer a given attenuation value across the entire floor plan. These canned profiles help in quickly setting up customer environment in cases like Cubicle offices, dry wall offices etc.


User / Device Density

Plan designs to include network capacity requirements in designs. Use User or Device density calculations to budget for Access Point calculations.


AP Recommendation

AP, Switch, Antennae and Controller recommendations for better configuration of the quote. This brings to market, an opulent set of enterprise-grade features and best-in-class performance.


Power Level Adjustments

AP designed for high-performance environments, capabilities with DualBand Support (2.4 and 5GHz), Data Rates, RSSI and SNR maximizing the accuracy of the plan.


Customized Proposal with Heatmap

Reap benefits by Proposal documents that are well worded with all the details and heatmap covering the entire customer location. These documents are further, fully customizable based on your business needs.

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