Boost Your Sales With Yagna iQ


Yagna iQ is a pioneer in building a digital ecosystem platform of Vendors, Distributors and Resellers. Within this digital eco-system Yagna iQ offers a complete end-to-end Quote, Order and Payment solutions to sellers and business buyers.


It streamlines the requirements to order fulfillment and promotes the ease of doing business within and across organizations. Intelligent integration and customization are easily and rapidly implemented for our customers with Yagna iQ’s Workflow Modules.


What we deliver!


Increase your sales. Create new Cross-sell / Upsell sales opportunities using your multi-vendor Install Base, i.e. historical sales transaction data.

Increase your recurring revenue. A zero-touch renewal system where system can not-only detect renewals but also can send automatic quotes with payment links to the customers.


Eliminate errors and achieve faster quoting. A multi vendor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) system on rocket fuel! – known for quick channel wide rollout at fraction of the cost – very unlike our competition.


Digital Transformation of Channel. Digital ecosystem of vendor, distributors and partners where each of the stakeholders can connect with one another for seamless Quoting, Proposal and Payments through partner portal or end customer portals. Streamline your workflow and increase Profitability, Efficiency and Visibility.


A simple Questionnaire based or Visual Guided Selling work flow allowing non technical sales rep to get one click Quotes & Proposals.Seamless integration with CRM, ERP and other 3rd Party Systems.install base data and drive higher in-quarter renewal conversion rates.



Yagna iQ’s CPQ platform is built on a cutting edge technology stack and is very flexible to integrate with your in-house systems. While Yagna iQ has depth and breadth of CPQ feature set to support your customers and sellers.



With Yagna iQ’s Smart Renewals and Smart Cross-sell / Upsell, tap into huge recurring and incremental revenue from your existing customers with intelligence around



Upselling entitles you to suggest customer’s higherend alternatives or relevant products, so that you can easily increase the average order value from all orders. Identify the Cross-sell / Upsell opportunities. Quote and close with payments.



Yagna iQ has developed industry leading cloud based multi-vendor Predictive WiFi Site Survey product, used by thousands of sellers globally. For quick and efficient site surveys supported by adaptable architecture, this WiFi planner easily uploads the plan, builds a design with heat map and generates a budgetary quote and proposal in minutes. It’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site surveys which can save your thousands of dollars in resource and travel cost.


Reduction in errors in Quotes due to human error.


Reduction in quote revisions.


Reduction in excessive discounting.


Increase in sales due to Cross-sell / Upsell leads.


Increase in on-time renewal rate.


Increase in Quoting efficiency and team Productivity.
The Install Base Driven Revenue Acceleration and CPQ Platform.

Yagna iQ is an install base driven revenue acceleration platform. Yagna iQ utilizes your multi-vendor historical sales transactions data, namely Installed Base Data (IB) and churns new Cross-sell / Upsell opportunities with the help of its analytics and machine learning capabilities. Once the new IB driven opportunities are identified,you can use our world class Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Platform to generate quotes and proposals and drive closure with single click payments mechanism.


As existing CRM system, which handles customers and opportunities, and ERP systems which handles orders among other things are essentially considered “System of Record” for vendors. Whereas Yagna iQ’s suite of products delivers a ‘System of Engagement’ for vendors, distributors and resellers to seamlessly create quotes and proposals, while transacting and managing the complete deal life cycles including renewals.


Yagna iQ has been in business for 10+ years and serves thousands of sellers across the globe in 150+ countries. Yagna iQ customers include many Fortune-500 enterprises, some of the fastest growing Software Enterprises, Hardware providers, Storage, Cyber Security, and BI firms. Yagna iQ is headquartered in Plano Texas  with its R&D labs in US and India.


Yagna iQ was founded by Ram Rai and Manish Agrawal, both formerly Cisco. Prior to Cisco, Ram Rai was co-founder of IPCell Technologies where Manish was one of  the founding engineers. IPCell was a pioneer in patented VoIP softswitch technology and invented one of the world’s first soft-switches. IPCell was later acquired by Cisco Systems.

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