Use Installed Base Data to Increase Your Revenue

Over the years, vendors, distributors and channel partners sell products to thousands of customers. But how often this past sales data, i.e., installed base (IB) is utilized effectively to generate more business for your organization? - Well, the answer is rarely!
Stats suggest that acquiring a new customer revenue is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining and generating recurring and incremental revenue from an existing customer.
With Yagna’s Smart Renewals and Smart XSUS products, tap into huge recurring and incremental revenue from your existing customers’ installed base.
Yagna, using the latest of the technology stacks such as Big Data Analytics and Data Mining, combined with Machine Learning can sift through the terabytes of your customer Installed Base data, and can provide very useful insight into existing customers and new leads to sell different and more products to them.
Once the new IB driven opportunities are identified, you can use our world-class Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Platform to generate quotes and proposals, as well as for single click payments.

Smart XSUS (Cross-sell/ Upsell)

As customers buy and deploy your products over the years, ideally you should be able to identify their requirements and should unlock opportunities to upsell/cross-sell additional products to them. However, unlocking these new business opportunities by sifting through thousands or even millions of records is humanly impossible. But there is Hope!
Yagna with its Smart XSUS product line does exactly that for you. All you have to do is to upload or integrate your historical sales data i.e. Installed Base in Yagna and on a single click get Upsell / Cross-sell sales opportunities on your dashboard.
What more, you can also assign these opportunities as SmartLead to your sales team or your channel partners and track day to day progress on Yagna dashboard.

Smart XSUS Key Features

Identify New Cross-Sell/ Upsell Opportunities

Identify Dormant Customer Accounts

Identify Product Refresh opportunities

Identify White Space Opportunities

Assign XSUS Leads to Partners and Track

Reporting And Analytics

Smart Renewal

Maintenance and Support renewals account for roughly 20-25% of the revenue for any vendor. Typically only 50-60% of the maintenance contracts get renewed year over year, hence leading to huge potential revenue loss. The biggest victims are low-dollar-high-volume contracts. That's because the renewal process still remains largely manual and the cost of time and effort to close low dollar contracts is bigger than the contract value itself.
Yagna’s Smart Renewal products make the renewal process 100% automatic and zero-touch. Yagna identifies these renewal opportunities and sends automatic quotes to the customers with the payment links. Customers can then make the payment online and renew their contract. Yagna also enables end to end tracking of your renewals. You can assign these renewal opportunities as SmartLead to your sales team or your partners and track day to day progress on Yagna, which otherwise is very difficult to track.

Smart Renewal Key Features

Zero Touch Renewal

100% Automated Renewal Quotes

Identify & Co-term Multiple Contracts

Identify & Present Upsell/Cross-sell Options

Renewal aided by Machine Learning and AI

Reporting And Analytics

Data Sheets


Vendor Suite

Our award-winning Vendor Suite is a very comprehensive set of Upsell, Cross-sell, Renewal and CPQ+ platform for Vendors. It spans a one-click onboarding portal for its channel partners and end-customers to do quick quote-to-proposal-to-payment.

Distributor Suite

With 40+ distributors onboard, Yagna offers a unique Multi-Vendor Upsell, Cross-sell, Renewal and CPQ platform for Distributors. Yagna creates an onboarding portal for the channel partner ecosystem where partners can get quotes and place order in minutes.

Channel Partner Suite

Yagna Channel Partner Suite is used by thousands of Partners in 160+ countries. It offers a Multi-Vendor solution for Partners where they can upload their Installed Base (IB) data in Yagna to generate Upsell, Cross-sell, Renewal opportunities and quotes.

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