Quickly and easily integrate backend systems for products and pricing


Manufacturer Integration

A powerful feature of Yagna Knowledge cloud is the ability to access, extract, and optimize information in a manufacturer’s database. For example, Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) contains millions of line items and SKUs. Users can request information around specific products or a category of products. Requests may apply to specific application of products and services for vertical industries like medical, transportation, or telecommunications. You may also access supporting materials for a selected SKU like whitepapers, articles, YouTube videos, or demos. This is where the complexity of all this information is reduced.

Information is collected in real-time to capture current products and discounts, new product offerings, or end-of-life notification. Find special discounts and pricing, and recommended bundles. See product reviews or evaluations associated with specific product to be aware of any shortcoming or installation issues. You may start with the simplest view of an offering and work through the details. Information is presented in a simple fashion to select and integrate within proposals.

Yagna Knowledge Cloud can display thresholds for bundles or discounts. For example, you can see by ordering 55 units of something versus 50, you will get a greater discount. Another powerful feature is the option for good-better-best solutions. Yagna selects the baseline for a proposal and extends it for multiple pricing, discounts, and profit margins. Sales team can use this to focus on hitting specific customer target budgets. This provides great opportunity to match a competitor’s low-ball estimates and show the customer a range of pricing and solutions. Using good-better-best information, sales team have a great opportunity to satisfy customer requirements and open the door to cross-sell and upsell opportunities.