Secure collaborative ecosystem for manufacturers, sales teams, and their customers


Yagna Knowledge Cloud

Yagna Knowledge Cloud combines all the elements of the SWL Platform with our SWL Ecosystem for a private cloud for your sales teams. Think of it as socializing all your sales and technical expertise to propose and deliver quality solutions to your customers. Drawing from manufacturer BoM you can rapidly extract, configure, build, and optimize proposed solutions. Specific intelligence is built into the Yagna Knowledge Cloud using the SWL Platform iQ intelligence modules. Infinite possibilities allow sales teams to value-based selling with the right products and services to maximize ROI.

  • Collaborate and socialize sales and technical teams, plus external knowledge around a specific project proposal
  • Capture and integrate business rules, CapEx, and OpEx
  • Provision private clouds for sales channels like distributor, VARs, or Service Providers
  • Store, retrieve, modify, or re-use proposals and orders for a continuous sales workflow lifecycle
  • Offer good-better-best proposal to facilitate additional cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Reduce customer service costs and increase customer satisfaction by enabling customers to provide feedback to proposals
  • Eliminate errors associated with static or stale knowledge bases – information is at your fingertips real-time.
  • Leverage consumer insights and knowledge throughout your ecosystem by highlighting recent or popular posts and search results
  • Deliver rich, compelling knowledge interactions and customer experiences to drive customer loyalty