Yagna Knowledge Cloud solutions for Value Added Resellers


Value Added Resellers

Value added resellers (VARs) can increase their close ratios via collaboration with all channels partners. Working from a single proposal, VARs can work with key manufacturer distributors to ensure the correct product specifications, pricing, and discounts. Working with service providers, VARs can scope the correct installation and services levels. With Yagna SWL Platform you may present good-better-best scenarios for all products and services to increase close ratios, cross-sell and upsell of additional products and services.

Partner Ecosystem
Build and manage your community of vendors, partners, and service providers. Effectively collaborate and share BoMs, quotes, documents, live reports and statistics for this community.

Intellibent Questionnaire

Yagna’s Intelligent Questionnaires helps partners create automatic BoMs by answering simple questions, optimizing all sales team members productivity.

Inventory Monitoring and Management

Based on your partners’ proposals, quotes, and sales activities, Yagna provides visibility into field activities like quoted or ordered products for various vendors. This monitoring helps manages inventories with live, accurate data viewable anytime, from any device.

Notifications and Alerts

Yagna instantly identifies and sends timely notifications and alerts to your sales personnel for pending quotes. Built-in escalators are triggered by delays in partner quotes to improve response times to customers.

Onboarding / Training

Getting new partners and salespeople onboard within SWL Ecosystem is easy. Yagna Solutions accelerate distributor sell-through on the very same day with minimal training, usually in less than one hour.

Private Portal

You can launch a multi-vendor portal for your customers or partners allowing direct access to products, solutions, and order placement. Yagna Solutions integrate workflows, inventory views, and other critical back-end systems.

Real-time Quotes

Yagna eliminates the need for sales representatives to respond to every individual quote request manually.
Yagna SWL Platform iQ applies predefined sales promotions and discounts, and automatically sends a quote to partners in minutes, not days.

Reporting and Analysis

Partner sales activity and product market performance is delivered community-wide. You have access to reports including: partner sales performance, vendor sales performance, best selling products, and key productivity indicators.

Seamless Backend Integration

We integrate with BoM systems and your sales workflow, which may also be integrated with third-party CRM and ERP systems. Our cloud-based platform is a highly customizable, flexible, open-architecture scalable for any size organization with complex selling situations. The integration process with Yagna is seamless, with no disruption to your existing systems.