Let’s chase the target, faster!

 At Yagna, we make selling simple! We help you attract, retain, delight partners and grow your relationship with partner organisations. We believe in three pillars of successful channel sales: Efficiency, profitability and visibility.
 What makes our Distributor suite unique is our customised guided selling package. Not all your partners know what exactly to sell. Moreover, there is a constant demand for budgetary quotes which require prompt response. Our team makes a customised engine which picks appropriate products from your store based on customer’s requirement. Then a budgetary quote with discounts and currency conversion applied is created for the partner. All this in a matter of few minutes. To make things even more seamless, we also provide you with a very intelligent virtual assistant to help your partners.  Faster turnaround adds to your efficiency and in turn helps sell more.

Yagna understands your needs. Stock availability, Discounts, promotions, rules and conditions, we know it all. Revision history, access control and information confidentiality form the epicentre of our security and control infrastructure.

All this, on a completely custom branded platform, designed only for you. You have the complete control and visibility over your day to day transactions.

We say, believe only when you see.

Salient features:

  • Secured cloud solution
  • Faster turnaround time for budgetary quotes
  • Distributor branded one click proposal
  • Funnel visibility and tracking
  • Intelligent Product Store with Virtual Assistant
  • Local currency conversions
  • Collaboration & Sharing
  • Reporting
  • Territory and sales hierarchy
  • Deal Reg in partner’s behalf