Be proactive and generate millions of dollars in untapped revenues



Organizations find driving annuity revenue through refresh/renewal  much tougher than generating a fresh lead. Infact that finding new customers,is much more expensive and challenging than selling to existing customers.One of the promising avenues to generate more revenue from existing customers is utilizing the install base to upsell , cross sell and renewal opportunities.

Our market research says:

  • In many organisations renewal/refresh through Install Base (IB) data is a manual process, due to which it is time consuming and difficult to track.
  • It takes  multiple steps and iterations to close a renewal via your channel (including emails, quote revisions and updating multiple systems) which results in delays affecting the end customer loyalty to the channel partner.
  • Many a times, the low value $ renewal/refresh lapse which is a lost opportunity considering volume business

Yagna’s Smart IBLeads provides a cutting-edge solution with all the best-practices incorporated to manage, track, automate and utilise the Install Base information efficiently. Smart IB absorbs the information by connecting to your systems via web services and you get to define various marketing campaigns/business rules. Yagna Smart Leads engine creates automated up sell, cross-sell, renewal leads using the IB information and the rules defined. With Yagna’s Smart IBLeads, we make your sales/renewals team proactive not only with the renewal/refresh opportunities but also with up sell and cross-sell opportunities. Everyday when your sales/renewal team login, the dashboard presents them with proactive selling opportunities with suggested quotes for them to focus and generate more revenue.

Features of IB & Leads:

  • Integrate with your existing IB systems
  • Import your install base in our system
  • Create marketing campaigns for up sell/cross-sell
  • Proactively generate leads for refresh/renewals
  • Automated routing to incumbent partners
  • Intelligent product recommendations
  • One click Quote with real time pricing
  • Tracking the Lead status