Smart Leads

With Yagna’s SmartLeads, tap into huge recurring revenue from existing customers

Acquiring a new customer revenue is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining and generating recurring and incremental revenue from an existing one. With Yagna’s SmartLeads product suite (Smart Renewals, Smart XSUS), tap into huge recurring and incremental revenue from existing customers.

Smart Renewals

Revenue from new customers are generally expensive. Smart Renewal absorbs the information from the install base and churns out renewal opportunities. You can also assign these renewal opportunities as SmartLead to your sales team or your channel partners and track day to day progress on Yagna, which otherwise is very difficult to track.

With lead reminders, product recommendations and one click proactive proposals, you are now well equipped to sell the smarter way.

Smart XSUS (Cross Sell/ Upsell)

As a customer utilizes your products or services over time, you as their vendor/partner should be able to identify their needs and unlock additional products and services that can be sold. Smart XSUS helps you identify those new opportunities to Cross Sell/ Upsell by analyzing the historic data collected from the customer’s install base.

You can also assign these opportunities as SmartLead to your sales team or your channel partners and track day to day progress on Yagna.


Lead Categorization

Opportunities are categorized as Renewals, upsell or cross-sell opportunities projecting their revenue share.

Lead Delegation

Leads can be assigned to the team either manually or automatically based on rules like area or wallet size.

Renewal Reminders

Once the install base information is in the system, it will automatically remind you of all the upcoming opportunities.

Product Suggestions

Once a lead is accepted, Yagna gives product suggestions for easy quote creation.

Multi-contract Quotes

Multiple contracts expiring at short intervals are well managed to create consolidated quotes and better customer experience.

Custom Proposals

They can be further customized with content and logos and saved as templates.

Discounts Management

Renewals quotes and applicable special discounts can be configured in the system to generate automatic quotes.


A rich reports dashboard to help you generate lead reports as and when required.

Why Yagna?

Yagna’s SmartLeads suite is a cloud based application which is an integral part of its Guided Selling Platform.With features, such as lead assignments, end to end lead progress tracking, product recommendations, renewal/upsell quotes and proposal creation, Yagna makes lead management smart, easy and proactive.
What’s more? Integrating with leading vendors like Cisco and VMware, Yagna brings all the more value with configuration validations, discount management and deal registrations.