Intelligent views and analysis of current and past transactions


SWL Platform Report iq

Yagna Report iQ enables users to tap into Yagna’s rich knowledge base and provide business intelligence to customers. It can be customized from a range of predefined criteria for collaboration. Standard reports may be generated on-demand with the option to build custom reports and publish to the cloud.

The Yagna Knowledge cloud is a repository for all transactions. From this, Report iQ allows users to extract and analyze past or current data. Since data is captured in real-time, all reporting displays the most accurate information. Users may specify different levels and sorting of the desired information. The simple interface can display default reports for sales or be customized for specific needs. View wins/loss analysis, focus on wins, adjust go-to-market strategy, view trending patterns, and optimize decision making.

Finacial Reporting
  • Analyze opportunity size and revenue by period
  • Management view of reports for team
Productivity Indicators
  • Critical course correction to accelerate sales
  • Analyze average deal closure time
  • Analyze average deal iterations by customer
Deal Status
  • Close notification
  • Win/Loss analysis
  • Increase focus on wins
  • Management view of reports for team
Best Seller Tracking
  • Analyze opportunity size and revenue by period
  • Management view of reports for team
Monthly Trending
  • View trending patterns
  • Adjust new business proposal for trends
  • Optimize decision making
Custom Report Gen
  • Custom report builder
  • Select key metrics for reporting
  • Publish to the cloud for your organization