Intelligent management of ecosystem, security, and backend systems


Sales Workflow Admin iq

Admin iQ provides a control point for the user ecosystem access levels and security. As part of the Yagna multi-tenant architecture, Admin iQ define who can access the platform. When implementing the Yagna SWL Platform a System Admin is assigned with super user capabilities. The System Admin can provide access and visibility for specific internal or external community users. The System Admin can set access for users based on project guidelines. Admin iQ also provides for the ability to access and run specific reports.

Control of backend systems access is part of Admin iQ. The manufacturer’s Bill of Material (BoM) pricing, product specs, and SKUs are integral to the SWL Platform. Admin iQ provides for control of BoM elements to build and optimize pricing and configuration for proposals. Admin iQ eliminates confusion by ensuring what sales teams see and what they can quote. You can configure workflows and approvals to meet the your specific business processes.