Define and design the installation facility without leaving the office


Wi-Fi network planning is most crucial in a successful Wi-Fi deployment. Customer requirements often do not include the overall facilities perspective. Things like walls, access points and other design considerations may not be accounted for in the initial proposal. Sending out a survey team to map out the facility can add to the proposal cost, which the customer may not want to pay for. Account for specific scale, heights, distances, and geography can add variables to the proposal which may impact margins. At the end if it is not done correctly it may result in poor coverage, high infrastructure pricing and ultimately unhappy customers.

Yagna’s Wi-Fi Site Planner is a secured cloud solution. It is a predictive Wi-Fi planner determining the number of Access Points (APs) required, their approximate location and the overlap between cells for a wide range of AP models without requiring an extensive onsite site survey. The underlying engine integrates each AP model radiation pattern, coverage area and client capacity at various power levels and for each frequency band to give you the best Wi-Fi solution in just few mins.


  • Single Sign On with 3rd Party
  • Google Map Integration
  • Import Floor plans
  • Auto draw Walls or use predefined walls
  • Auto Calculate Users & Devices
  • Automatic & Manual AP Placements
  • Heatmap, Dual Band, Internal Antenna, Power Level adjustments
  • Quote with real time pricing
  • One click Proposals
  • Multi-floor support
  • Share & Collaborate designs/quote
  • Push the designs to 3rd Party systems