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Proposal Generator

SWL Platform enables a broad range of configuration tasks from constraints and business rules. Designed for operation in the Yagna Knowledge Cloud, it delivers high performance and superior response times. The Proposal Generator enables product managers to more easily control the entire proposal process for configurable products and services. Dynamically generated, data-driven design allows changes to be implemented instantly without programming. It integrates more easily in real-time with for optimization, pricing, availability, and overall validation.

The Platform option for Multi Solution Output was created as part of a requirement by major manufacturers. Presenting a single solution option/price for a customer may be subject to under-bidding by the competition. With Yagna you can show customers a baseline with options to move upline (upsell) to the next option. You can display the optimal solution even if it is outside of the customer’s budget so they can make a informed presentation to their management or approval office.

  • Provide auto sync between BoM and proposal you want to deliver
  • Re-usable, customizable proposal can be merged into a main document
  • Complete information about product inform and pricing
  • Changes to BoM or configrations made automatically