Delivering options for customers to increase close ratios



The powerful pricing engine in the SWL Platform enables centralized creation, maintenance, and management of pricing data for configurable products and solutions. It supports contract-based, promotional, cost-plus, combination, and segment-based pricing, as well as price breaks and bundling. The intuitive price authoring tool with mass update capabilities enables effective management of large product and option sets. You can presents users with more accurate, up-to-date customer specific pricing on the most complex, configurable products and solutions. But, we don’t stop there.

The SWL Platform option for Multi Solution Output was created as part of a requirement by major manufacturers. Presenting a single solution option/price for a customer may be subject to under-bidding by the competition. With Yagna you can show customers a baseline with options to move upline (upsell) to the next option. You can display the optimal solution even if it is outside of the customer’s budget so they can make a informed presentation to their management or approval office.

  • Provide baseline solution offering
  • Display additional offerings for customers to consider
  • Anticipate competitive under bidding or hidden options
  • Discount is not the only parameter or option now
  • Optimize the environment with options for customer to maximize your margins
  • Show customer options to move to the next level now or in the future