Increase selling opportunities with scalable solutions offerings

SWL Platform guides sales teams, partners, and customers through dynamic questionnaires to define specific products to satisfy the basic requirements. SWL Platform recommendations are based on personalized customer information and real-time user input. With multiple needs analysis scenarios you can accommodate users with varying degrees of product knowledge. Going a step further, you can enable side-by-side comparisons of products on a feature-by-feature basis. With the efficiencies provided within the Platform, you can optimize the pricing and margins. This leaves room to offer additional products and services to customers to add-on to the initial proposal.

  • Data driven design allows changes to be implemented instantly
  • Respond to customer requests for optional features
  • Add product options as an addendum for consideration
  • Provide options to upgrade or enhance the solution within budgets
  • Show what other customers are buying
  • Secure all quotes in the Yagna Knowledge Cloud Marketplace
  • Storefront option for customers
  • WiFi conferencing solutions