Automate proposal builds and solution options through collaboration


There are many companies in the market that offer CPQ solutions. Some are desktop systems while others are online, or centralized solutions that you can purchase or subscribe to. The Yagna solution is a SaaS, Cloud-based solution that ensures the latest updates for all ecosystem users in a secure environment. Yagna extends beyond available CPQ offerings with the ability to include virtually all customers, partners, and manufacturers to connect, communicate, and collaborate to drive positive business results for all involved.

As selling networks become increasingly more complex – from single channel to cross-channel and from local suppliers to global manufacturers – the challenges for sales teams to integrate systems and manage shared processes become more difficult. Yagna’s SWL Platform Configure-Price-Quote feature addresses these challenges.

SWL Platform automates the most complex cross-channel selling processes, while hiding complexity from end users. CPQ guides ecosystem users through the process of finding and configuring products and services in a secure, cloud-based environment. CPQ allows guided selling, configuration and pricing, enabling your sales teams and customers to rapidly create and customize solutions for specific customers and markets.

  • Integration allows users to configure proposals in their own community
  • Pricing integration with live sizing of solutions
  • Sell through self-service channels
  • Guided selling to select and validate options and customize solutions
  • Accurate and consistent solutions for customers each and every time