Connecting all business units for flexibile selling solutions

With the SWL Platform B2B eCommerce function you can connect directly to all business units to pull pricing, configuration specifications, and do updates. Connecting via web services, sales teams can pull information like discounting and new product information into proposals. Manufacturers can reach out to sales channels and introduce new products and special pricing. Distributors, Service Providers, and Value Added Resellers can share documents electronically with end-customers. B2B eCommerce becomes the central hub for delivering solutions for customers. Now you can support all types of users from multiple customer profiles, novice to expert users.

  • Flexible design supports multiple B2B eCommerce
  • Integrate more smoothly with business e-procurement systems
  • Intuitive end-user interface and powerful rule sets
  • Connect via web service to eliminate incorrect or incomplete orders
  • Designed and built based on secure cloud technology
  • Ecosystems share electronic, single document for speed and consistency
  • Quickly respond to change, competition, and customer requirements
  • Automate collection and response to quotes from multiple sources