Education and tutorial solutions to empower your teams

Yagna has developed a range of training tools. From video to print materials to on-site support, we make sure your core team is trained to launch to your sales channels. While the Yagna product is very intuitive and easy to use for most users, we have training for all skill levels. Our first order of business is to establish a system admin for the basic installation. Based on your needs for customization and integration, we can tailor education and training to scale for your organization.

Customer Training includes:

  • Partner onboarding
  • Off the shelf look and feel
  • Messaging around solutions
  • Self-paced training courses
  • On-site education
  • Remote or Web-based training
  • Videos
  • Guided tours
  • Collateral or datasheets (custom/standard)
  • Powered By Yagna or white label implementations